2016 Re-launch!

I started plans to record "I Am the Wind" in June with modest expectations about the outcome. I set three days in August to record when my kids would be away, spent a lot of late nights and early mornings working out the parts. I even taught myself a decent bass line and practiced the bass part for a month. I did the session at New Warsaw Studio (tons of guitar parts, bass, drums, other things) but last day I was losing my voice and I wanted to take the time to do the vocals the right way at a later time - so I gave myself six weeks to work on my vocals and found a cheap space I could practice my voice (Cap21 Studios) during work lunch hours a few days a week.

Speed ahead to October I did vocals, had to find time to do separate sessions for harmonies and then to mix (hours!) and finally come November I got the track mastered (Kevorkian Mastering). I also wanted some cool artsy photos to match the "interstellar introspection" of the song, so I made my own artwork for the photos, which took about 7 pounds of crayons, a heat gun, a 40x60 foam board and 2 diff attempts at mannequin heads. (A lot of late nights melting crayon, and I also learned about the best way to spray paint foam which was kind of interesting).
Finally this week I got the photos back from a great photographer (Sultan Khan) at ImageworksNYC.

Major props to New Warsaw Studio, ImageWorksNYC, Cap21 Studios, Blick Art and Crayola for the art supplies!

Find a way to do what you love - life is too short not to!


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