Erik Hendin

I've written songs and played guitar most of my life, and I love to combine different mediums and styles to try to express the intangible.  

"I Am the Wind" - A new recording I did and a real labor of love.  I even played bass on it!  Now on iTunes and CDBaby!

Now on YouTube: "Once in a While" - Animated and directed a fantastic artist named Gosha Loshadkin.

Working on a new animated video for "I Am the Wind" with a phenomenal artist, Yuliya Osyka, coming out this spring. 

I am a Dad with a busy life and if nothing else I want to give a shout out to all those creative spirits out there who juggle the impossible every day with the ever-present yearning to be and stay creative.  For me it's what keeps the whole picture sustainable.



photo by Sultan Khan, ImageworksNYC

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