A song can be with you for the rest of your life

Recently I dug up some tunes I wrote a long time ago.   There's a lot of stuff when you write it it feels like you keyed in to something you get excited, but later you find it was a momentary thing, more so than you thought at the time.  Maybe it's a phase where you just want to play that song at every open mic night or gig you play and get it out there, and it feels important to do that.  But later you look back and you are in just a different headspace than that song - or even feel like you're a different person than the one who wrote the song.

But every once in a while you find something that connects deeply with you and you keep coming back to it, year in and year out.  You may put it away for a while after reuniting with it, but it somehow finds it way back to you when you're playing.  Maybe it even becomes part of your setlist as something you always play during the gig.

It songs like these that I think can be a really healing force and one of the beautiful things about music.   It's almost a way of saying that you accept yourself or your nature and you are revealing it to the world and painting an intimate picture.

Writing this now - this morning -I spent some time with these types of songs this morning and my whole outlook feels changed towards the day ahead.  It's almost as though I was imbued with some type of positive protective magic.  It can heal feelings of isolation by connecting you with something greater... It's a feeling I have come to know but is never fully understood or describable - and maybe it's better that way.

Take some time to explore this playground, original music can be a form of everyday magic we are lucky to have when the moment strikes us.

And frankly, playing an instrument is a gift - you develop a relationship with the craft itself - you watch yourself develop and it can add some beautiful dimensions to your outlook.   This is way beyond a "is this song a hit" mentality - a song can be with you for the rest of your life.


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